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5 Steps to Setting Up an Auto Blog

Niche blogging can make you some good money online, however the thing is that you can’t just create one, you have to create multiple niche blogs to make a nice income together. This doesn’t need to be a painful process nor does it have to take a great deal of time. So here is how to begin niche blog in 5 steps.

1. Select your niche.

You can’t begin a blog if you don’t understand what it will actually cover. So take your time and find a good niche for the blog. It always helps if you select a niche you have knowledge about or are knowledgeable in.

2. Purchase a website name.

It is best to buy your own website name instead of using a sub-domain because with a sub-domain the website that hosts it advantages of all the search engine optimization, ranking, and traffic efforts that you perform.

However with your personal domain, only your domain benefits. And not to mention that the paid domain is simpler for your readers to consider.

3. Buy a hosting account.

A paid hosting account constitutes a lot of premium feature s available to you that you simply wouldn’t have access to with free hosting accounts. Of course the area and bandwidth is better, however the software installation is easier to utilize too. And that is what you need when installing your blogging service.

4. Select your blogging platform.

When you get a domain and hosting ready, then you can select your blogging platform. Now I would suggest that you employ WordPress because it has a lot of plugins which will make your life so much easier, but there are other platforms that you can use too. Just make sure that you select a platform that works the very best for you personally.

5. Begin.

From here, the one thing left to complete is to buy started on designing and building your site the way you like. You’re liberated to shape and mold your blog how ever you need!

One of the best programs that I have found that will help you understand all this and to get a ton of blogs setup and making you money is Auto Blogging Samurai. Click on the image below and get started today!


Sticky: What is Auto Blog Samurai? An Unbiased Review

Let me begin by  saying this, this is not one of those software’s that is just a bunch of junk. thinking of it most of the people who have used auto blog samurai say that they will never live without again.

Auto Blog Samurai is a brand new software, unique and advanced piece of software that put its competitors to shame. This software allows you to create auto blogs all in auto pilot.

Auto Blog Samurai was created by Paul Ponna, this guy revolutionized internet marketing as we know it. Many people know about this guy, he was one of the developers of Market Samurai. Google it and see for yourself.

Auto Blogging…. what really is auto-blogging?

This is the process of creating and updating blogs on auto-pilot. The simplicity about this is to create multiple blogs that can focus on different niches.

If you don’t know how to find a profitable niche Paul Ponna will show you how, by using a step by step process so that you can find that niche that has low competition and high conversion.

What To do After buying Auto-Blog Samurai

First I will say its best to pick a market, identify profitable areas within that market and target specific keywords.

Plan of action

Install Auto-Blog Samurai, there is a step by step instruction on how to do this,  just follow the on screen instruction.  Choose a niche, if you don’t how, there are also instructions. ( for those who buy Auto Blog Samurai) you will get a free niche finding software free of charge.

After finishing the top 2 steps the software writes and creates unique content that will be optimized for the key words all in auto pilot.

Rinse and repeat.

The sky is the limit.

How I made my first money online with Auto Blog Samurai

I created 20 auto blogs each earning me around $25 – $100 every month. After a month I created 200 auto-blogs  that now makes me a ton of money every month and all on auto -pilot. I am currently targeting 700 auto-blogs every month.

Can you Really Get Passive Income With Auto Blog?

Yes, and a BIG yes. this is all possible. Image this.. you start with 10 auto blogs netting a whooping $50.00 per month, you then scale it up, you decide $500.00 is small. Your natural instinct for greediness propels you to create 50 auto blogs every month  and now you have really increased your income per month. Now you can quite your full time job. This does work and once the blogs are set up, you’re done, you don’t have to touch the blog again!

If you think that this is what you need to solve all your financial problems then click on the Auto Blog Samurai ad below and purchase it today.

Begin Blogging With the Basics If You Are Still Learning the Skills

Begin Blogging With the Basics If You Are Still Learning the Skills

The big news these days is that almost everyone who is connected to the internet now has a blog. As internet marketing took off many business entrepreneurs and business owners with some technical knowledge began using the internet to manage relationships and build credibility with their customers. Blogging is a great way to share information about a business and their products with prospective and current customers.

When internet users first became aware of blogs they were really just being used like a journal where a blogger could voice an opinion or discuss a subject that they found interesting. From there it then evolved into a good vehicle for making money online in a variety of ways, such as offering expert services selling affiliate products or selling advertising space to name a few.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger, you need to be aware of some problems that you may encounter, and be ready to handle them if they arise.

Begin with the basics of blogging, that is; choosing installing and configuring your blog software tools.

Although the assortment of configurations varies, someone who is new to blogging can still easily get confused. Choosing the right software tools is really up to you. If you have enough money or you want to get serious and earn an online income, it may be worth your while to go for blog software tools, but if you are new to it all then there are many free options available that work perfectly well.

The upside is that some of these providers who charge for their services will also have an option to a free trial period, and this could be anywhere between 10 days, to 30 days, so it may be a good idea to use this as an opportunity to test the service out.

There are some blogging terminologies that you need to know as blogging pretty much has a language of its own and you will need to learn it. For anyone who is technologically savvy, it will not take long to familiarize themselves with the language, but for people who have limited knowledge of web publishing it may be a bit more difficult.

Let’s start with the most important term in blogging and that is “Post”.

A post is what happens every time you publish or place something on your blog. This is also the way that you create a post when you want to impart some information or talk about something of interest to you or your readers.

Secondly, because blogs are a type of communication, they do have the option of allowing comments.

If any of your readers have an opinion about something you have posted on your blog they will leave a message or comment related to that particular post, and this message is called a comment. There is one important thing that you must be aware of, that is frowned upon by internet marketers generally, and that is spamming. When people leave comments on a blog that have no relation to the post on which they leave it, and all they do in their message is promote themselves or their product, this is called spam. Whatever you do as a blogger, don’t spam other peoples’ blogs and do not allow anyone to spam your blog either.

These are just a few of the basics of blogging that you need to be aware of and learning to blog is a wonderful experience, one that is well worth pursuing. In order to earn an online income or create credibility for your online business, blogging is an excellent way to do it and the good thing is that it is cost effective.

This website covers the best three autoblogging software available today on line. These have been used by our staff and we highly recommend them. Check out our review page at Autoblog Recommended Products.

Can Blogger-Based Blogs be Automated?

Generally speaking, there are two dominant platforms that are used for blogs – Blogger and WordPress. The latter is by far the platform of choice for marketers seeing as it enables them to use a variety of different plugins that help in various areas including statistic tracking, traffic generation, SEO, and so on. WordPress also has plugins that enable it to carry out auto blogging. On the flipside, Blogger does not have plugins – so does that mean that it cannot be automated?

In nutshell the answer to this is: Blogger-based blogs can be automated as well.

For quite some time, the lack of plugin support on Blogger meant that its users were severely limited in what they could do. During that time, the idea of automating a Blogger-based blog was essentially just a pipe dream and was not even close to reality. However, as auto blogging has become more and more popular, new and more powerful types of software have emerged and some of them actually give you the ability to automate your Blogger-based blogs!

The advantages of doing so are tremendous. On the whole, Blogger has a reputation for being indexed quickly and ranking fast on search engines. After all, it is produced and run by Google. So you could get an automated blog up and running in record time if you were using blogger as opposed to WordPress.

More importantly however, Blogger-based blogs are free to create, and being able to create as many free blogs as you desire and mold them into fully automated blogs is certainly going to be advantageous. In no small way this will help you overcome the issues that you may have with needing to find hosting space, and buy separate domain names (as is the case with WordPress installations!). So you could end up saving cash, and being able to produce more and more automated blogs faster than ever before!

By now you should be starting to understand the appeal of being able to automate Blogger-based blogs. While it is true that WordPress offers a lot more functionality and has some great plugins to take advantage of, if you’re just looking to set up some small automated blogs that help you to make a little bit of cash daily (each!), then free Blogger-based blogs are the answer that you’re looking for.

Mind you, there is a drawback. Since only the best and most powerful pieces of auto blogging software can currently allow the automation of Blogger – it comes with a price tag. Think about the long term however, and how much you would end up saving by not having to continuously buy a chain of new domain names, hosting services, and so on.

Think about that – and then figure out whether you can afford to splash just a fraction of the amount in order to gain the ability to automate Blogger-based blogs!


Autoblogging Software


Choosing Between Quality or Quantity with Auto Blogging

One of the very first decisions that you’re going to need to make when you get into auto blogging is whether you want to pursue quality, or quantity. This decision is going to form the foundation of a lot of your decisions to come – so be sure to think about it carefully and understand exactly what you’re choosing between when you do so!

Generally speaking, many people nowadays opt to go via the ‘quantity’ route. This means that they spend minimal time setting up each blog but therefore are able to set up more of them. In turn, this would provide you with more streams of income – and that definitely isn’t a bad thing to say the least.

Furthermore, since quality isn’t so big an issue when you’re pursuing this route, each of those blogs could be populated with a lot of content. Admittedly, it might not exactly be of ‘stunning’ quality, but it should suffice to provide the websites with a necessary boost in terms of traffic. Despite that, you’ll find that blogs that go via the quantity route alone are not able to rank amazingly well on search engines, nor do they tend to generate tons of traffic.

On the other hand, if you opt for quality, you’re going to either need to source your articles from PLRs (and monitor the quality of those), or you’re going to have to monitor the quality of your incoming RSS feeds should you decide to source articles from that option. Needless to say, this is going to be quite a bit of extra work and so you’ll find that setting up blogs could take longer.

As a result, you’re going to end up with less blogs in total, but then again each of those blogs should generate more traffic and rank better on search engines.

It is worth noting that blogs that focus on quality are a lot easier to sell later on than those that simply opt for the quantity route. In fact, your income potential with blogs that focus on quality is going to be a lot higher.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that your choice here is very much a matter of preference. After all, does it really matter if you have 10 high quality blogs making $200 a month each (for a total of $2,000) or 100 low quality blogs making $20 a month each (for a total of $2,000 as well!). In terms of the profit that you’re able to generate, you’ll find that the bottom line is always fairly similar.

If you like, you could even opt to balance quality and quantity somewhat.

Regardless, you need to make a decision as soon as possible, because as you can see this one decision is going to define your entire approach to auto blogging. Based on your choice, you can then start selecting sources, choosing the software that you’ll eventually use, and actually kick off your auto blogging efforts!


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