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5 Steps to Setting Up an Auto Blog

Niche blogging can make you some good money online, however the thing is that you can’t just create one, you have to create multiple niche blogs to make a nice income together. This doesn’t need to be a painful process nor does it have to take a great deal of time. So here is how to begin niche blog in 5 steps.

1. Select your niche.

You can’t begin a blog if you don’t understand what it will actually cover. So take your time and find a good niche for the blog. It always helps if you select a niche you have knowledge about or are knowledgeable in.

2. Purchase a website name.

It is best to buy your own website name instead of using a sub-domain because with a sub-domain the website that hosts it advantages of all the search engine optimization, ranking, and traffic efforts that you perform.

However with your personal domain, only your domain benefits. And not to mention that the paid domain is simpler for your readers to consider.

3. Buy a hosting account.

A paid hosting account constitutes a lot of premium feature s available to you that you simply wouldn’t have access to with free hosting accounts. Of course the area and bandwidth is better, however the software installation is easier to utilize too. And that is what you need when installing your blogging service.

4. Select your blogging platform.

When you get a domain and hosting ready, then you can select your blogging platform. Now I would suggest that you employ WordPress because it has a lot of plugins which will make your life so much easier, but there are other platforms that you can use too. Just make sure that you select a platform that works the very best for you personally.

5. Begin.

From here, the one thing left to complete is to buy started on designing and building your site the way you like. You’re liberated to shape and mold your blog how ever you need!

One of the best programs that I have found that will help you understand all this and to get a ton of blogs setup and making you money is Auto Blogging Samurai. Click on the image below and get started today!


How to Find New Sources for Auto Blogging Content

Traditionally, auto blogging content was initially sourced from PLR articles, and all it really meant was that you’d upload a number of articles into a scheduler that would then publish them according to your specifications. Since then, auto blogging plugins have come a long way, and nowadays using PLR as a source of content is no longer in fashion – to say the least.

Instead, the recent trend has been to use RSS feeds as a source of content. With so many blogs and websites out there all sporting their very own RSS feeds, you’re going to find that it is quite easy to locate high quality RSS feeds that are chock full with content for practically every niche that you can think of. The advantage of these feeds as opposed to PLR articles is that they’re constantly being updated with new content and so there’s very little risk of you ‘running out’ of content when you’re using RSS feeds as your source.

Even today, RSS feeds are still the most popular source for auto blogging content. However, in recent times there have been a number of new auto blogging techniques that tend to source their content from various other sources. Whether or not these sources are ‘better’ than RSS feeds is still very much being debated, but it is still worth knowing what the future of auto blogging content sources could hold.

Chief among the new sources for auto blogging content is the usage of YouTube as a source. With the rise of video, the internet is positively teeming with tons of fantastic and informative videos and using them on your blog is bound to appeal to your visitors. As such, it should be no surprise that YouTube is being used as a source of content.

Next in line when it comes to new sources of content is definitely Yahoo! Answers. While this may come as a bit of a surprise, the truth is that within Yahoo! Answers there are numerous niche-related questions and taking those questions and the best answer is a great way of providing high quality content that deals with specific niche-related topics!

These are the two main additions to the auto blogging scene. There are others, that use things such as article directories, social media, and even social bookmarks as sources of content – but they aren’t really that popular as of yet.

Who knows what the future holds for auto blogging. Whatever the case, it is bound to be fairly exciting!


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