How to Choose the Right Auto Blogging Software

As auto blogging software grows in popularity, the number of options that exist in terms of auto blogging software has increased exponentially as well. With everyone scrambling to get hold of their own auto blogging software or plugins, there are new pieces of software constantly cropping up to fill the demand and so choosing the ‘best’ auto blogging software is really a lot harder than you might think.

For starters, there are numerous factors that you need to consider. While it goes without saying that you want auto blogging software that will allow you to automatically update your blog with posts sourced from elsewhere, the big question is – What else do you want? Most of the auto blogging software available nowadays will be able to fit the bill and automate your blog posts, but the better ones come with various trimmings that distinguish them from the rest.

For example, some of the free auto blogging software that you may encounter may not be able to transfer images over to the blog post. Others may not be able to transfer videos. Yet others may actually transfer text over that you would rather not have transfered, such as advertisement, certain links, and other snippets of code.

Needless to say the better auto blogging tools out there are able to deal with most of these issues with ease.

In fact, another area of features that you might want to look at includes how auto blogging software is able to source posts. Although most auto blogging solutions tend to source blog posts from RSS feeds, some source them from elsewhere too including places like, Yahoo! Answers, and even YouTube itself!

The advantage of sourcing from alternative sources is simple – not many people source articles from places such as Yahoo! Answers and therefore you may stand to gain a lot more credit as a result. Another method by which some auto blogging software aims to make their articles ‘seem’ different from the originals consists of running the original articles through a translator, and then re-translating it back into English.

Despite the fact that these solutions aren’t perfect, they’re certainly features worth looking into!

All things said and done, your choice of auto blogging software is going to depend on the features that you desire, and the price that you’re willing to pay for it. Some can be pretty costly, so be sure that you look at your budget carefully before deciding to spend extravagantly on auto blogging software that is so advanced that it has tons of features you don’t need.


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