Choose Rare Content as Sources for Auto Blogging

There are two major downsides of auto blogging that you need to be aware of. The first is the fact that your articles are essentially going to be duplicates taken from other sources and thus they aren’t going to rank that well on search engines. On the other hand the second downside is also that since your articles are essentially just duplicates, people who visit your website and recognize this fact may eventually figure that they’re better of just going to the source of the articles – and thus your chances of building up a following is diminished.

One of the best ways around both these problems is to choose rare content as your sources for autoblogging. Nine times out of ten, what most marketers do when they’re setting up their auto blogging sources is look for the best sources within their niche for such articles. These ‘best’ sources are the ones that consistently produce high quality content on a daily basis and very often they end up being fairly famous within the niche as well.

On the other hand, if you were to dig deeper into the blogosphere you will be able to find less famous blogs and sources that do produce high quality content pretty regularly. The advantage of using such sources as opposed to their more famous counterparts is partially due to the fact that such sources are less likely to be duplicated many times over and thus you might actually end up getting some credit for the articles.

In the same fashion, if you use rare content as sources for auto blogging you’ll find that the chances of your visitors already having encountered them elsewhere is going to be lessened. So the readers who frequent your site might actually figure that those pieces of content are original – and will have a reason to continue to visit your site!

Unfortunately, this plan isn’t flawless.

While it can work (and does work) in the majority of cases, the fact of the matter is that for some niches (particularly those that aren’t that popular in the first place), there are only a limited amount of sources out there. In such situations, you’re really going to have little choice but to make do with whatever you have.

On top of that, carrying out the research to find such rare pieces of content can be tedious, which is why many bloggers just figure that they might as well not bother and simply rely on the more famous sources out there.

Whatever your choice may be, at least you’re now aware of the options that are arrayed before you.


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